Florida Beacon College &  Seminary
Since 1947
Florida Beacon College and Seminary began teaching Bible Truths to students aspiring to become Pastors, Missionaries, and Bible Teachers in 1947 under the leadership of Dr. Charles M. Leaming.  At that time the school was located in St. Petersburg, Florida and known as St. Petersburg Bible Institute.  As the student body grew, the school was later moved to Largo, Florida and the name changed to Florida Beacon College & Seminary.  The school today, located in Jacksonville, Florida, still maintains the same Conservative, Full Gospel beliefs in a non-denominational atmosphere and upholds the Bible as the foundation of all our studies.  Under the same leadership appointed by Dr. Charles M. Leaming in the early 1980ís, Florida Beacon College & Seminary continues to equip students who have a call from God to minister in this generation.

Florida Beacon College & Seminary holds transcripts of Academic Records for Florida Beacon College, St. Petersburg Bible Institute, Florida Beacon Bible College, and Christian Faith College of Faith Community Church.

Contact the school for more information on transcripts as well as current classes:

Florida Beacon College & Seminary         Phone: (904) 786-5033
Attention: Admissions & Registrar           FAX:     (904) 744-5011
1181 Lake Shore Blvd.                                  Email:    info@floridabeacon.org
P.O. Box 8135
Jacksonville, FL 32239-8135